Jody's Story (Australia)

Before i went to Teen Challenge in 2007 i was a lost and broken woman who had spent more than 15 years addicted to Amphetamines and other Drugs. Injecting drugs on a daily basis for many years left me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually damaged.

Commiting crime to support my habit, neglecting my role as a Mother to my Son & Daughter as i fell deeper and deeper into the Dark World of Drug Addiction. In 2006 i was the Driver of a Car involved in a High Speed Chase with the Police, i knew my life had to change or id end up dead but i couldnt do it on my own.I needed alot of Help i needed a Miracle.

Teen Challenge was that place for me it was my Saving Grace instead of being sentenced to 12 months in prison for my crime i was ordered to T.C. in W.A. While in T.C. the wounds from my painful past & my broken heart became healed. My life has had a Total Transformation and i learned a new way to live.

Today 7 years after graduating I am Living in total Freedom from Drug & Alcohol Addiction. All my family relationships have been restored ,im happy,healthy & fit. I am a productive member of society and i have a job caring for people with disabilities.   
I am very Grateful to Teen Challenge in Esperance for Rescuing me from the Drug Scene.