Our Mission.

A Christ centred ministry preventing addition and transforming lives

Our mission is to meet the needs of the whole person to help them to be physically well, socially adjusted, mentally sound, emotionally balanced and spiritually alive.

Residential rehabilitation programs are based on Christian principles, with a goal to equip the individual to return to society as a responsible citizen.

School based programs are secular unless requested otherwise in a non-secular school.

A Comprehensive Approach.

Drug use is not an isolated behaviour – rather it is the result of many personal and environmental influences. The root causes of drug abuse are also common to those leading to crime, anti-social behaviour and mental health problems.

A comprehensive approach to drug education, prevention and treatment is required. Teen Challenge services cover two broad areas: treatment interventions, and prevention through education.

Teen Challenge Tasmania are extremely passionate about turning people away from the "top of the cliff" of addiction and work diligently in this area. We do this through our #NotEvenOnce® Projects and Connections Mentoring program.

What we do:

  • Facilitation of entry into Teen Challenge Residential Rehabilitation centres
  • Supporting concerned families and friends needing assistance when dealing with a loved one in the drug scene
  • Day Programs for those awaiting entry into Teen Challenge residential programs
  • #NotEvenOnce® AOD Prevention and Resilience Building Projects for Students, Parents, Teachers, Workplaces, Sporting Clubs and Community members
  • #NotEvenOnce® AOD Curriculum Incursions 8-10 week school programs
  • Connections Mentoring Program for Schools - one on one mentoring for at-risk or disengaged students (families coming soon)
  • Solutions Seminar - Why people use drugs, Why they keep using and more importantly How you can deal with it and help them to break free. What are the signs and what can you do?