Darcy's story (Australia)

My name is Darcy, it was on the 26th of May 2013 that I entered the Teen Challenge program in Esperance, Western Australia, I was 17 years old. After three years of living under the influence of drugs my life was a total mess.

Prior to my arrival at Grace academy I had spent many months living on the streets of Tasmania’s towns and city's. That meant sleeping wherever I could find shelter, whether that be youth hostels, under bridges or inside abandoned buildings.

Just as my life seemed to spiral out of control, my Youth Justice Worker suggested that I go to Teen Challenge W.A. At that time I was serving one of my many stints in Juvenile Detention. Upon my release from detention, I could not escape my old life and it wasn’t long before I was back into drugs, crime and facing court again. I was  sentenced to a minimum of six months at Teen Challenge Grace Academy in Esperance W.A.

Two months into the program with help from my brilliant mentor Dan, I made the most important decision of my life in accepting Jesus, as my Lord and Saviour.

 I was dismissed from the program after four and a half months as a consequence for my behaviour in the program, however I realized Teen Challenge was my only chance to regain my future. I needed to complete my journey and applied for return, which I did to complete the full twelve month program. 

I graduated in early 2015, I’m now 19 years old. If it were not for God and his endless grace in my life and the Teen Challenge program, I don't know were I would have ended up, not a day goes by where I don't Thank Him for all He has done. 

I have an amazing life now, my relationship with my family is restored, a great group of friends, a part-time job and I volunteer at PCYC. I really want to make a difference in the lives of other young people like I me and help them turn away from the path they are on and see that there is a much better life for them

Run with patience the race set before us  .... Hebrews 12:1