Teen Challenge Tasmania has received approval by the Meander Valley Council to lease the former Meander Primary School site to establish Home of Hope, Women and Children's rehabilitation centre.

Our Planning Permit submission for the Home of Hope development, has been approved by Meander Valley Council on Tuesday 14th March. The 14 day appeals period has ended and there has been an appeal lodged against the decision of Council.  A hearing has been set for late June with the Planning Tribunal.

A very significant step has been taken and we are getting closer to being able to fit out the buildings and open this vital resource for those Tasmanian Women and Kids to break generational chains of addiction and families to be restored.


On the 8th June, we received via the Meander Valley Council a preliminary ruling by the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal, on the appeal lodged by Timber World Pty Ltd, the appellant against the Home of Hope, Development Approval by Meander Valley Council.

The Tribunal holds that the Meander Valley Councils advertising of our complete Development Application of Use of Building as Residential / Educational / Hospital Services as purely "Hospital Use" was inappropriately described and potentially misleading. As a result the permit approval is now invalid.  We are deeply disappointed by the further delays this will now entail to the opening of this vitally needed service for Tassie women and their children.

The Meander Valley Council has since opted to appeal the Tribunal's decision, via the Supreme Court, on their advertising of the Planning permit application.  A date has been set for the 18th October for this to be heard.  A request has been made by council of the Supreme Court, that if they are wrong in their advertisement of the Use Class for the development, that the Supreme Court rules what is the correct use to ensure a clear path forward for the application of Home of Hope.

November Update: The Supreme Court hearing has been conducted (18th October). We are awaiting the decision from the Supreme Court to be handed down to re-commence, whichever path to continue with the Appeal process or Development Application process to receive our permit for Home of Hope.  We will post result as soon as we have it.

February Update: We are still waiting for the decision from the Supreme Court to be handed down to take the next step in the process.  As of Sunday the 18th of February it has been 4 months since the initial hearing.  We do not know yet what is their answer and which direction we are yet to take.  Please keep the Supreme Court ruling in your prayers for an answer soon. We will update everyone when we know.

March Update: The Supreme Court ruling has been handed down in favour of the Meander Valley Councils appeal.  We will now be awaiting the Planning Tribunal Hearing dates to have the opposing appeal against Home of Hope Planning Submission heard in full.

June Update: The Planning Tribunal dates have been set to the 3rd & 4th July.  We will update you once we have further information/results.

We receive calls for help every day and there is a human face to this process, that delays effect, that perhaps is not palatable to some. These women are someones mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, aunty and they need help now, we will not walk away from them. We are committed to opening Home of Hope and through this facility "Transforming the lives of women and their children to break free from the generational chains of addiction."

We are working with the local community to establish a new life within their former school, together enabling hope and a future to many women and families caught in the devastation of addiction.  To transform lives once again in such a beautiful, peaceful and welcoming community as Meander.

You may like to view our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more. We welcome any questions regarding Home of Hope and encourage discussions.  Please contact Tanya Cavanagh, Executive Director on 0412 300 850 or tanya@teenchallengetasmania.org.

Moving forward

There will be much to do and you can help too.  There will be many needs and not limited to the list below

Looking to supply material or donate? 
Items needed at this stage

  • Wattyl WeatherGARD Decking Oil Transparent - Jarrah Tint 10L needing approx 20 tins
  • Ride on Mower in good working order
  • Lawn Edger
  • Cultivator (Petrol good working order)
  • Garden Tools (shovels, rakes, hoes, cultivators, kneeling pads etc etc)
  • Wheel Barrows (good condition)
  • Rose Bushes (preferably Hybrid Tea Fragrant varieties)
  • Assorted Annual Seedlings for borders and beds
  • Blood and Bone (organic)
  • Packet seeds - Sunflowers, Assorted Colour etc
  • Blue Metal Gravel for pathways top dressing
  • Many hands and feet - renovation and restoration work and that's just the beginning

If you want to help in any way in this project please fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we'll connect.

Future Program

The future Teen Challenge Tasmania Inc, Home of Hope will provide single women, pregnant women, and women with children suffering from addictions and life controlling issues a safe and stable environment. We offer help to women and their children through our faith based program, to meet the needs of the whole person; not only dealing with the addiction, but also rebuilding their self image, work ethic, spiritual awareness and relationships.

Taking a holistic approach to the recovery of alcohol and other drug issues, women are nurtured in all areas of their lives. Their family structure will be rebuilt, allowing them to return to society stronger and equipped to succeed as a family.

In this process, the student is taught indispensable lessons of strong work ethics, team work, patience, diligence, determination, communication, positive character qualities and motivation, to name a few.